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Anyone who sends me anything had better be prepared to have it published and mailed to all their friends.

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August 19th 2002

This one was sent to me by my freaking cousin none the less.

So..... I got one of the few opportinuties to use this hellish infernal machine and what do I find............ an other useless webpage being used up on the "bookmarks" area. And what do I see...... my "but ugly fat cousin that has no right to complain like he does all the goddamed time!".  I haven't seen you since Christmass and you are still a whiney bastard! ; )
Smarten' up and quit yer whinen!  You chose to live in Ox-fart and that's yer own goddamed problem. If you hate blueberries, you could move to a better town that's not run by a corperate bastard!  And if you are worried about getting grey and going bald, then you can join the F@#%in club!
I am drunk and this is Steve!        The KING of negativity!
Cheers buddy!      
P.S. Don't even think about getting mad about this E-mail. And you're not ugly!

I underlined all of his spelling mistakes just to piss him off. The fact that he got drunk and missed the whole point to the website just makes it funnier.


August 19th 2002;

I don't know who sent this one.


It gets one point for succinctness, but otherwise is just dumb.